Radical Gardens Eyes the Marijuana Edibles Market in Timmins

Article by Alan S. Hale, The Daily Press via Timmins Press

Will marijuana become as essential a seasoning as salt and pepper? Probably not. But there is a market for edible marijuana products, and Radical Gardens is hoping to get into that market.

With more Canadians than ever having legal access to medical marijuana and with the legalization of recreational use promised this spring, Radical Gardens is positioning itself to take advantage of the market for THC-laced edibles.

Late next month, the local market and restaurant will be offering cooking classes to teach medical marijuana prescription holders how to cook their own edibles; from the stereotypical pot brownie to much more complicated recipes such as candies. Co-owner of Radical Gardens, Brianna Humphrey, said that locals have already been coming to her business asking for advice on how to prepare their medical marijuana.

“I’m a medical marijuana patient and so are most of our staff – it just sort of turned out that way. We’re very open … and people feel comfortable talking to us because, I guess, we’re weird, and we cook and stuff,” said Humphrey. “People have been asking us a lot about what to do with their prescriptions, because as it stands right now, Timmins doesn’t have a dispensary.”

Humphrey, who has a license to purchase marijuana in Arizona where recreational use is legal, said that during her trips there she has seen a wide variety of edible marijuana products for those who don’t want to smoke the drug. But those products are not available to medical marijuana users in Canada.

“Not many of people these days enjoy smoking – myself included,” she said. “At the moment, in Canada, you’re only allowed to buy from your government licensed producer. And you are allowed to refill every 30 days. But none of those producers make edibles.”

“If you want edibles, you have to go to an illegal dispensary. Which is really awkward when you’re just trying to get a cookie.”

To allow medical prescription holders in Timmins to get access to edibles, Radical Gardens is will be holding classes on how to produce them at home.

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