Quebec Minister Says Homegrown Pot Could Mean Canadians Stoned All Day, Every Day

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Quebec Minister says homegrown pot could mean Canadians stoned all day, every day Quebec’s Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection & Public Health says home grows will mean people will be stoned 24/7, fentanyl in black market pot

Quebec’s Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, Lucie Charlebois, says that she thinks allowing homegrown cannabis will mean people will be stoned all day, every day, that kids will eat cannabis plants, and that she has been told there is fentanyl in black market cannabis.

The statements took place on Tout le Monde en Parle, a talk show with guests from different walks of life discussing politics, art and life. Later on in the show, the guests toasted with large glasses of red wine.

Charlebois tabled Bill 157 last Thursday, which would allow cannabis to be sold through the province’s liquor board by the Société Québécoise du cannabis, with plans for 15 stores by July 2018, as well as online sales.

The bill seeks to ban home growing unless authorized by Health Canada for medical use, and proposes to limit Quebecers to 150 grams of dried cannabis in their own homes. The bill also leaves open the possibility for the Minister to implement a pilot project on the retail sale of cannabis.

On Tout le Monde en Parle, in response to a question from the host Guy A Lepage about Quebecers being able to grow their own cannabis similar to how they can make their own wine, the Minister said that letting adults grow even four plants at home would mean they could be stoned all the time and would still have a lot left over. She also said kids will eat the cannabis plants.

Lepage: “We have our own house wine, will we be able to have our own homegrown cannabis?

Charlebois: “No, that’s not in the bill. The population has asked us to start more rigorously, frame it more severely (legalization). Let me explain why: I do not grow cannabis, but my neighbour grows it. If my grandchildren go to my neighbour’s house and inadvertently get into the marijuana plants and eat them, that’s not good. It is not good that it is near homes where there are children. Moreover, I was told during public consultations that with four good cannabis plants, for two people at home, you can be stoned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And do you know what? You’ll still have some left.”

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  1. How can such totally misinformed and Cannabis uneducated people be allowed to make rules that will effect a whole culture of people. She is really on a different planet and her talking points are worse than Nancy Reagan101. I am sure she and her friends must have sat around over the wine glasses and decided all this on their own. Cause there is no solid real truth in anything she states or says. Who allows these prohibitionist, close minded alcohol sodden people to decide the rules for a substance they obviously dont have even a small grain of knowledge on to guide them. Just creating more fear and stigma publicly.
    Quebec I cry for you and the harshest new Provincial rules yet from a woman who need to update her mind. As a total non drinker and everyday 420girl I find her red wine held high like some kind of battle cry
    “Down with the Cannabis”

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