Quebec Bans Any And All Cannabis Leaf-Emblazoned Products

Article by Mike O, Cannabis Life Network

QUEBEC BANS ANY AND ALL CANNABIS LEAF-EMBLAZONED PRODUCTS MIKE O Cannabis leaf or butt, you decide. Photo courtesy of Daily Hive.

In order to protect the innocent masses from the dangers of cannabis, Quebec has introduced a draconian measure that bans the sale of any products emblazoned by a cannabis leaf.

That includes t-shirts, lighters, bongs, ashtrays, decor, containers, posters… you name it, it covers pretty much anything else might imagine in headshops and smoke stores throughout La belle province.

It’s an effort to prevent the normalization of cannabis that goes so far overboard it’s insane. Not to mention that Quebec’s own government-run cannabis distributor, Société Québecoise du Cannabis, has a logo that incorporates a cannabis leaf- although it was called out on social media for looking more like a butthole than cannabis.

While the government is probably not planning on monetizing its own logo through merchandise sales, it’s funny and stupid that even its logo could be banned under the new laws- unless it receives government approval, that is.

According to CTV News, a section of Quebec’s cannabis regulations states that “logos, designs, or images can’t be used on cannabis-related objects that aren’t government-approved.”

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