Who has the Strongest & Cheapest Buds from Licensed Producers

Written by Brad Martin for Lift news.


Publicly available price and content information from licensed producer websites was logged for all available dried cannabis flowers and blends in the ACMPR. Data for this summary was taken November 1st 2016, and only available offerings were included. THC and CBD content were logged directly from each website and were averaged in the cases where ranges were given. Non-compassionate, per gram pricing was taken for each offering, and for LPs offering volume discounts we’ve shown their average price. In cases where the same strains were offered by two different providers, data was logged for each instance.

In total, there were 150 offerings of cannabis flowers and blends offered by 19 producers in the ACMPR. The average number of offerings from each producer was 7; the number of offerings per producer ranged from a minimum of 3, to a maximum of 13. Over two thirds of all offerings were considered THC offerings (106 offerings) and less than a third of offerings had a significant amount of CBD (>4%). All producers had at least one CBD strain offering; except Whistler.

For all 150 offerings, the average price per gram was $9.10. Average THC percentage for all 106 THC offerings was found to be 17.5%, with an average price per gram of $9.10. The five strains with the most THC content were:


For 100mg of THC from a THC offering, the average price was $5.32. The average CBD percentage for all 44 CBD offerings was 10.0%, with an average price per gram of cannabis being $9.12. For 100mg of CBD from a CBD strain, the average price was $9.86. The five strains with the highest CBD content were:


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