Raid at Canna Clinic, Queen West

Roomer speculates that Canna Clinic on Queen West was raided November 1st. Tuesday afternoon an individual claimed they saw multiple police “all over” the dispensary. This has not yet been confirmed. It’s extremely unfortunate police continue to raid dispensaries, but it don’t look like anythings going to change anytime soon, for either side. I’m sure Canna Clinic will be open tomorrow for business.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-12-50-58-am

Update: Staff refused to answer questions about the raid but the store has been confirmed open on November 2nd.

For the full list of dispensary raids since Trudeau took office, click here.

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I am a medical marijuana patient and youtuber, and have been for a few years. I am very passionate and knowledgable about cannabis. I want to help share my knowledge with inexperienced patients through Dankr, and review products to ensure there is a standard in the community.

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