Police push for roadside drug testing device ahead of marijuana legalization

Written by Damien Wood for Postmedia News.
Calgary Police

This weekend in Ottawa, at a Canadian Association of Police Governance Conference, the Calgary Police Commission put forward a resolution to continue pressure on the federal government to identify and approve a roadside drug screening device, in light of the feds’ commitment to legalize and regulate marijuana by 2017.

“Currently, when police suspect a driver of being impaired by drugs, a drug recognition expert is called to the scene to administer a field sobriety test. A roadside drug screening device would greatly improve the ability of police officers to detect drug impaired driving and provide objective and efficient means of enforcing drug impaired driving laws,” the commission’s resolution read, in part.

“A roadside drug testing regime would be similar to roadside breath testing for alcohol.

“This capability would simplify the current investigative process for drug-impaired driving, including potentially reducing the time a motorist is detained.”

“Given the imminent legalization of marijuana and its proven negative effect on drivers, there is now urgency around acquiring appropriate tools in Canada to enable police to detect drug-impaired drivers roadside so they can effectively enforce road safety laws, especially the stricter punishments for marijuana-impaired drivers that government intends to introduce,” the resolution read.

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