Parched Pot: No One Wants to Buy Crispy, Desiccated Bud. What are Canada’s Licensed Producers Doing About It?

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News

Parched pot No one wants to buy crispy, desiccated bud. What are Canada's licensed producers doing about it? By: Solomon Israel Brandon Sun Growers ’n Smokers owner Rick Macl rolls a joint of legally obtained medical marijuana on Friday. Recreational marijuana will officially become legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018. (Matt Goerzen/The Brandon Sun)

Since legalization, Canada’s stash of legal marijuana has drawn a common complaint: sometimes, the bud has dried out by the time it reaches store shelves, reducing its appeal to discerning cannabis consumers.

Cannabis sommelier Joel Carleton has noticed the aridity in some cannabis he’s purchased from government-licensed marijuana producers.

“I’ve noticed that their cannabis, despite being presumably recently harvested, it still seems to have a bit of a problem with moisture content, and it’s a little bit too dry,” he says.

“You can tell just from the smell, because when you smell it you smell grass and hay, and you smell the actual vegetal plant matter. And you’re not supposed to be smelling that.”

Carleton admittedly hasn’t sampled every variety of legal cannabis in Canada. But generally speaking, he believes smaller-scale, black market marijuana growers are putting out a moister, more desirable product than their legal competition.

At least one of those legal producers is addressing the issue head-on. In January, New Brunswick’s Organigram announced it would include humidity-control packets in all containers of its Edison recreational cannabis brand. (Previously, the packets were only included in Organigram’s premium Edison Reserve products.)

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