Ontario Could Issue $500,000 a Day Fines to Wipe Out Weed Dispensaries

Article by Manisha Krishnan, Vice News

Ontario Could Issue $500,000 a Day Fines to Wipe Out Weed Dispensaries Landlords who rent to dispensaries could be jailed for two years. Multiple Cannabis Culture shops have been raided by police. Photo via Flickr user Exile on Ontario St

Last month, Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi told weed dispensaries in the province to consider themselves “on notice.” The government has now elaborated on that ominous warning with details on how it will take down dispensaries through enormous fines and jail time.

In a bill tabled yesterday, the province said it will target individuals, corporations, and landlords found guilty of operating or facilitating dispensaries.

An individual caught selling weed outside the government’s regime could be fined up to $250,000 or imprisoned for two years if they are found guilty. Subsequent convictions could cost them up to $100,000 a day. Ditto for a landlord who knowingly rents space to a dispensary, despite the fact that they may have nothing to do with its operations.

Corporations involved with dispensaries face even steeper penalties: a first conviction would yield a fine of at least $25,000, capping at $1 million; subsequent convictions will yield minimum fines of $25,000 a day with maximum fines of $500,000 a day.

Toronto-based lawyer Jack Lloyd, who is currently defending several dispensary employees, told VICE Ontario’s approach is the opposite of what the public wants—and it might even be “criminal.”

“I think it is a criminal law in all but name and will likely be challenged in court,” he said.

He also noted the government is punishing people for doing the same thing they’re planning to do themselves. Ontario’s plan is to open 40 standalone weed shops by next summer, up to 80 by 2019, and 150 by 2020. It is essentially a government monopolized dispensary system.

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  1. Government turning into the Mafia now!! Will they be lynching people in the streets soon for selling Craft Cannabis? The hysteria and ultra takeover control continues. On what level has ANYTHING else been charged with such severe fines in this country? Ever?? You would think they were manufacturing Heroin!!
    The Government are turning out to be the worst kind of organized criminals. To spend millions$$ of tax money to take down dispensaries that have been peacefully supplying people with a plant the Government now wants to sell to you themselves is a total hypocritical move. By not combining the existing Free Market with a Government model just proves they are overstepping their common sense for the almighty $$$. I cant believe legalization has turned into such a Government take over of Canadian cannabis small business. this is just insanity, over a plant that needs sun and water to grow. Fake Legalization under the lying Liberals to line their coffers for more out of control spending. – SUPPORT CRAFT CANNABIS –

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