October 5th: Canna Legal Clinic (Preparing for Oct 17)

Event by Sofa King Good Bakery

Canna Legal Clinic

Where: 1305 Dundas Street West, Toronto
When: 6 PM – 9 PM
Price: $25

This is an event for anyone in the Canna business community – from entrepreneurs to dispensary owners, growers to the general public who are curious with legal questions regarding legalization that is fast approaching. Many folks are not protecting themselves as well as they could be and this event hopes to educate everyone on the upcoming Cannabis laws.

Doors open 5:30
Conference starts at 6 pm
Mini Snack Break (High Society fritters and other finger foods plus water and coffee)
Question and Answer period from 8-9pm

We have Mr. Russell Bennett (lawyer) and Mr. Raymond Hathaway (paralegal) coming to discuss with us the legal changes coming to the industry, including ways to best protect yourself and your interests. This is one event you’re not going to want to miss!

We also have an entrepreneur and amnesty fighter, Reena R., coming to discuss an important topic that affects either ourselves or someone we know:
Cannabis Amnesty! She will discuss the importance of signing the current petition for those who already face charges, amongst other topics.

Many important topics will be covered, but here are a few highlights:

– Prior Actions in Review
– What a raid looks like
– After the raid (the aftermath)
– Dealing with Charges
– What are the charges?
– What is it like in court?
– What offers are being made?
– Why you see large numbers of charges withdrawn
– Why stores are closing?
– Cannabis markets unique placment in industry
– Why the market has gone untouched till now
– What changes are coming Oct 17
– Steps to legalize that others are taking
– Personal recommendations to clients
– Options to consider when entering the legal market
– Legal Growing options
And so much more! This is the best 3 hours you can invest in your future…

Some info about the hosts:

Russell Bennett – Biography

Russell Bennett founded Cannabis Law in 2018, a law firm dedicated to protecting and helping small and medium-sized cannabis businesses grow.

Russell began his career in law in 1997 by opening the eyes of Canadians to the irrationality of the cannabis prohibition through making a documentary called STONED: Hemp Nation on Trial about the trial and constitutional challenge of Chris Clay, which premiered on CBC and was nominated for Best Political Documentary at Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Russell then wrote and starred in his solo multicharacter play, The Reefer Man, about a lawyer who was arrested and tried for growing award-winning marijuana in his basement, and becomes an underground superpothero planting seeds everywhere to overgrow the government. The play became a cult hit at Fringe Festivals across the country.

Currently, at Cannabis Law as a real lawyer, Russell represents cannabis businesses and individuals with his downtown legal experience, common sense and instinct. Russell gives cannabis businesses the tools to protect themselves regarding licensing, employees, intellectual property, land use planning, taxes, director liability and partner/shareholder issues. Russell acts for medical marijuana dispensaries in both criminal and municipal by-law courts, pursuing constitutional challenges against the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Russell Bennett, B.Sc., LL.B.
Cannabis Law

Raymond Hathaway (Paralegal)

Raymond Hathaway has been a licensed Paralegal since 2013 with the majority of cases focused on defence if cannabis related business in relation to the charges faced by the city of Toronto.

Reena Rampersad (Cannabis Amnesty)
Brief Food Industry Bio

Reena is a cultural foodie and cannabis connaisseur, originally born in Toronto but of Trinidadian descent. She spent all of her 20’s earning a living as a social worker in the city of Detroit, Michigan but her interest in food culture would eventually steer her into a permanent career as a Restauranteur. She is currently the owner / operator of two catering and private dinner companies, The Limin Coconut and High Society Supper Club. As an open supporter of Cannabis, Reena has been advocating the benefits for years and utilises her culinary skills and influence to help shift the negative perceptions and stigmas that exist regarding it’s use. As a young girl, Reena witnessed her grandmother using Cannabis in the making of various salves and remedies while her father battled the law and society for his choice to partake. Many of her family members were victims to the War on Drugs so her participation in the industry is both personal and political and she sees it as one of the greatest and most ignored civil rights violations of all time. As a result, both of her companies have strong social justice ties and involvement and Reena is also the Volunteer Coordinator for The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty, a campaign that is currently drafting legislation and asking the federal government to provide blanket pardons to those with previous non violent cannabis convictions in an effort to promote an equitable industry. Reena has been featured on the CBC’s The Current, Episode “Cooking With Cannabis”, in a Zoomer Media spot on the ONE Network alongside a few other articles in The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine and other smaller publications focused on cannabis and cooking. Reena currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, Louic and their cat Buddy.

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