Nova Scotia Man Wants RCMP to Pay for Wrongfully Seized Marijuana

Article by Jayson MacLean, Cantech Letter


A Nova Scotia medical marijuana grower wants the RCMP to pay for the pot they seized from him, to the tune of $52,325.

William Brady of Cape George, Antigonish County, is filing a provincial court order asking that the RCMP be forced to pay him back for the 103 marijuana plants they seized in a search of Brady’s residence in December, 2012. Brady, who has a license to grow pot was charged with illegal cultivation and possession for the purpose of trafficking but both charges were subsequently dropped by the Crown, according to Nova Scotia’s LocalXpress news service.

“He was operating within the rules of his licence granted by Health Canada,” says Brady’s lawyer, Adam Rodgers, in conversation with LocalXpress.

Reportedly, it’s the second time the police have seized Brady’s marijuana plants. In September, 2009, the RCMP took 39 plants without laying charges against Brady, whereupon Brady successfully petitioned the court to force the RCMP to reimburse him to the sum of $7,000.

The second time around, Brady’s 103 plants were only six weeks old, which he has factored into the bill. “I don’t want the plants back,” says Brady. “I want to get paid for them. If you get charged for illegal cultivation of marijuana, the RCMP tell the judge that each plant was worth $1,000 street value. So by that measure, with the plants having been half mature, I want $500 per plant.”

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