New Provincial Marijuana Corporation Will Control Weed Sales and Close Illegal Dispensaries

Article by Robert Benzie, The Toronto Star

The province’s new marijuana monopoly will be known as the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi launched the OCRC — a subsidiary of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario — in sweeping legislation Wednesday at Queen’s Park that takes effect when Ottawa legalizes recreational weed next July 1.

“That is the legal name of that company. There will be branding that we’ll do … a visual logo, etc. that we will announce in the future,” said Naqvi, noting OCRC-run retail shops will sell bongs, rolling papers, and other paraphernalia.

“It will be most likely called something else other than Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation,” he said of the standalone shops, the first 40 of which will open next summer, jumping to 150 province wide in 2020.

Edible marijuana products will not be sold until the federal government begins regulating them, which could be years away.

The OCRC will also control all online sales and the government’s legislation imposes measures to permanently shut down illegal “dispensaries” now operating, include forced closures as soon as charges have been laid.

While police have raided the storefront shops across Ontario, they often reopen while their cases are going through the courts.

“These pot stores that we see in our neighbourhoods today are illegal. They will remain illegal — only the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation could sell cannabis for recreational purposes,” said Naqvi.

To corner the market for the government, the Cannabis Act would stiffen penalties for individuals or corporations convicted of illegally selling or distributing marijuana and for landlords who rent their properties to them.

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  1. Its all about the money and to say outright that is not the objective is another reason not to trust this Government monopoly. Protect the children until they are old enough to buy tainted expensive Government pot. To act like the Government monopolization of this billion $$ Craft Industry is not $$motivated just shows how stupid the Wynne Government thinks voters really are. Their supply of tainted LP weed will run out, no edibles, no concentrates, they are setting up to fail in a big way. I am sick to death of hearing Government talk about dangerous black market product when, as we the community knows, their LP product is the only one sprayed and tainted. WOW…..

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