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Miss Jones Fort York Outpost is the first Toronto location of this cannabis brand.

Located just south of the Bathurst Street Bridge, this cannabis and smoking accessories store has a rustic look that feels a little more homey than other weed stores that trend toward sleek and minimal.

Apothecary storage system behind the counter and a photos of cats in top hats give the space a woodsy, Alice in Wonderland (but high off weed, not acid) feel.

You can order through four iPads that are positioned at the front of the store, or place your order through an employee who’ll input the information for you.

Staff will pack it up and hand it to cashiers through the apothecary wall.

The store carries flower, edibles, vapes, a handful of pipes and bongs, pre-rolls, and extracts like creams, oils and sprays, plus some chic accessories.

One of the featured brands of flower comes from B.C. company Pure Sunfarms and Simply Bare Organic. Strains are colour-coded from low to very high, going from green up to brown to indicate the THC percentages.

A pre-roll section includes packs of Redees, from Redecan, which distribute 3.5 grams over 10 pre-rolls for a lighter intake with strains like Cold Creek Kush for for $26.50.

The beverage section is growing, with drinks like Deep Space ($11), a canned carbonated drink with 10 mg of THC, the legal limit.

There’s also a sparkling grapefruit drink from Seth Rogan’s Houseplant for $6.25, which has significantly less THC content at 2.5 mg per drink.

There’s also the Rise No. 550 Tea from Haven, a raspberry and lemon tea with green mate that has 10 mg of THC. These sativa-dominant tea bags are sold individually for $12.50 each.

The store isn’t overflowing with pipes or bongs, but the selection includes stylish like Keith Haring’s K.Haring water pipes ($220) and spoon pipes ($45), or 1o-inch beakers ($198) from Jane West.

A marble bark rolling tray from Green Cannabis Co. ($90) has a built-in grinder.

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