Marijuana Legalization Is Failing In Canada

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Canada Marijuana Legalization Is Failing In Canada Here's why. @Photo 112625188 © Dmitry Tishchenko - 987 shares Thomas MacDonald TL;DR Cannabis legalization has failed to deliver on its core promises. Other complications have marred the process, as well. These problems could threaten legalization ahead of the federal election next year.

Last month, Canada took the monumental step of legalizing recreational cannabis nationwide. It is only the second country and first major economy to do so.

Legalization will have sweeping consequences. Canadians arrested for possession and low-level marijuana-related offenses will be released; the government will now be able to tax the popular drug; and the whole country is poised to benefit from weed tourism.

But the process of legalization has also been marred with controversy and complications.

After just a few days, liscensed dispensaries across the country began to empty their shelves. Government-run retailers, especially, were not prepared to meet the massive demand for legal product.

In Ontario, the online Ontario Cannabis Store is currently the only legal provider of marijuana. Private retailers are expected to open sometime next year. But in the meantime, customers have complained about horrendous customer service and confusing purchase processes.

The inadequacy of legal means for buyingmarijuana has pushed consumers back to the black market. According to a report from The Globe and Mail, over the weekend, illegal sellers have reported a massive increase in sales since October 17th.

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