Marijuana Business Thriving in St. John’s Ahead of Legalization

Article by James McLeod, The Telegram

Marijuana business thriving in St. John’s ahead of legalization

In a cluttered workspace in an undisclosed location in St. John’s, Rosin709 operates a strange, makeshift device.

He wraps about a gram of marijuana in parchment paper, and then sticks it between two metal pucks with wires coming out of them. The whole contraption sits inside a vice-grip on a worktable.

Using temperature controls, Rosin709 heats the metal pucks to about 80 degrees before cranking the vice-grip to squeeze the metal pucks together.

Moments later, he pulls the parchment paper apart to reveal an oily substance melted and squished out of the marijuana — about 75 per cent pure THC.

Smear a bit of it in an e-cigarette and you can vapourize your high in a tidy little package.

“Rosin709” is his Instagram username; The Telegram agreed not to use his real name because what he is doing is still illegal — at least until next year when the federal government legalizes cannabis.

“I recognize that this is kind of walking past the line of legality, but, I mean, I don’t f—ing care. We should all grow up and get over it,” Rosin709 says.

“I’m hoping that by the time it’s legal, this will all be set up and running, and I’ll have a customer base and a year’s worth of cool Instagram posts.”

He’s not alone.

On Facebook, there are at least two different St. John’s businesses selling a wide variety of marijuana-infused edible treats — one of the groups has more than 1,200 members.

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