LP Applicant Looking to Import Medical Cannabis

Article by Deepak Anand, Lift News

LP applicant looking to import medical cannabis The medical cannabis industry in Canada and in many states within the U.S is growing faster than any industry segment in recent years

The medical cannabis industry in Canada and in many states within the U.S is growing faster than any industry segment in recent years.

Despite this fact, many have stated that there will be a supply-demand imbalance once Cannabis is legalized in Canada and we are to expect significant shortages in supply.

U.S States that have legalized Cannabis for Adult-use have seen this phenomena occur in recent times. In Canada, adult use or recreational cannabis could raise prices for medical cannabis patients. Recreational or adult- use legalisation has a few strong and impactful effects on cannabis pricing—where on the one hand it lowers prices due to greater supply, demand and competition, on the other, it also competes with the medical cannabis market for resources, which could result in lack of supply and higher prices for medical cannabis products and in turn patients. Medical Cannabis patients in Canada are truly nervous about this fact coupled with the taxation element which the government is currently planning to add to medical cannabis.

The challenge to importation however is that cultivation, manufacturing and trade of cannabis is governed by international law including the UN International Drug Control Conventions (Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Convention against the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) as well as relevant national frameworks and health department regulations which all have language in them to ensure that any trade between members who are signatory to these treaties is limited to occur for scientific or medical purposes only.

Until recently, only a couple of countries had a significant cannabis export industries. Lift has reported previously that Canada has become the ultimate exporting hub for companies across the globe to obtain medical cannabis products for use by patients.

Health Canada provides for importation and exportation of cannabis on a case by case basis. In fact, the department itself has had changing views on the import and export of Cannabis, which is evident from the statements published on their website:

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