Legalization Point Man Says July 1, 2018 Implementation Date is Highly Speculative

Article by David Brown, Lift

Blair emphasizes legislation must first pass through 'rigorous debate' in parliament before becoming law, and a need to work with provinces, territories, and municipalities

A CBC Report made waves Sunday night by claiming to have inside information about the projected date the Liberals are expected to present legislation in parliament: April 10 of this year. The article also claimed the new legislation will ‘make the sale of marijuana legal by July 1, 2018’.

The article also goes on to offer ‘insight’ into the the details of the proposed legislation, although the bulk of it is simply reiterations of well known task force recommendations from last December—namely a four plant limit for personal production and an age limit of 18 or 19, provinces managing distribution etc. Anyone who has paid any attention to this subject or actually read the task force report is well familiar with these suggestions.

This, predictably, triggered a cascade of articles repeating a myriad of variations of this information, but it’s important to note that the information is all based on one single claim of an inside source. No official confirmation from the government has been made. It’s also important to note that the projected date of legal marijuana sales on July 1, 2018 can be considered a target date, but the process of passing legislation through Canada’s parliament is unpredictable.

Though in a recent interview, legalization point man Bill Blair called these dates ‘highly speculative’.

“I have not discussed with anyone the date at which the legislation may be brought forward, except to say that our government has made a commitment to bring legislation forward in the spring of 2017, and that’s all I’ve said to anyone on the subject,” Blair said.

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