Key Changes to Medical Cannabis Access with the ACMPR

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Personal Production/Designated Growers

The biggest change in the new ACMPR allows those with authorization from Health Canada to produce cannabis for themselves, or through a designated grower. Those seeking to produce cannabis in this capacity can order starting materials (clones, seeds) from Licensed Producers.

Plant counts are based on the individual’s gram-per-day recommendation from their health care provider. 1 gram a day = 5 plants indoors or 2 plants outdoors. Health Canada estimates one indoor plant can produce 30 grams of cannabis, with 3 crops in a year. They estimate one outdoor plant can produce 250 grams of cannabis, one time a year. When buying starting materials from an LP, 1 plant = 3 seeds. If the production of plants is part indoors/part outdoors, every 1 g per day of dried marihuana = 4 plants indoors and 1 plant outdoors.

Individuals can order only the amount of starting materials that their gram a day total allows, but may order that amount as many times as necessary to account for crop failure. Far more details apply, including background checks, location information, etc. Application.

Registration with multiple producers

While the MMPR didn’t explicitly allow or dis-allow doctors to ‘split’ gram a day totals among various producers, the new ACMPR explicitly refers to doctors being able to do so with multiple documents.

Streamlined patient registration

Licensed Producers are no longer required to verify medical documents where the signature of the health care practitioner is known to the producer. This will allow producers to further streamline the registration process for patients. 

Streamlined Producer Licensing

The ACMPR will allow LP’s a single application for production & sale of fresh & dried cannabis, cannabis oil, and cannabis seeds & plants. Under the MMPR, each required an individual license.

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