‘It’s a Totally Different Drug’: Why Edibles Feel Different From Smoking Cannabis

Article by Patrick Cain, Global News

‘It’s a totally different drug’: Why edibles feel different from smoking cannabis By Patrick Cain National Online Journalist, News Global News WATCH: 3 pros and cons of using a bong

Edibles take longer to kick in than smoked cannabis — one reason why people sometimes take too much by accident. The effects also last longer.

But there are chemical reasons why the high is often experienced differently, a B.C. cannabis breeder explains.

“It feels very different,” says Ryan Lee. “People say it’s more of a mind effect when you smoke it, it’s more of a body stone when you take it in through your gut.”

One reason, he says, is that when the digestive system deals with it, the liver turns the THC into a somewhat different chemical, 11-hydroxy THC.

“It’s literally a different drug. By the time it gets to the site of action in your brain, it’s a different molecule from the one taken in through your lungs.”

While THC-infused foods and beverages won’t be available until October, edible products like oils and gel caps have been available since legalization.

The other way in which edibles differ from dried flower is that the process of extracting the THC for edibles destroys the terpenes.

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