Is Bill C-46 Unfair to Cannabis Users?

Article by Jon Hiltz,

Is Bill C-46 Unfair to Cannabis Users? Canada Debates Law to Determine How and When Motorists Are Too High to Drive 0 BY JON HILTZ

Witnessing Bill C-45, Canada’s cannabis legalization law, trickle through Parliament was like watching a candy bar slowly being released from an old vending machine. The coil holding the treat never moves fast enough — and you cross your fingers that it doesn’t get stuck on the way down.

As Canadians gaze at the piece of legislation that will ultimately end more than 90 years of cannabis prohibition, many have taken their eyes off of Bill C-45’s stepsister, Bill C-46.

“Bill C-46 amends the criminal code and makes consequential amendments to other acts, but the piece that everyone is talking about is the driving offenses that come out of the amendments,” said Matt Maurer, Chair of the Cannabis Industry Group at Minden Gross, in an interview with

Maurer went on to add that the most vocal opposition arises over how the police will determine someone is too high to drive.

“How are they going to test for cannabis impaired driving and is the method by which they propose to do it effective?” he asked.

The proposed legislation will strengthen impaired driving laws by arming police with devices that administer a roadside saliva test, which if positive, could lead to drivers being forced to give a blood sample.

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