Indiva Supplying Made-in-London Joints to Ontario Cannabis Store

Article by Dale Carruthers, London Free Press

Indiva supplying made-in-London joints to Ontario Cannabis Store Cannabis users soon will be able to buy and spark up legal, made-in-London joints. DALE CARRUTHERS Hailey Stigge with a tray that can hold 500 joints at a time in the joint making room at Indiva in London, Ont. on Wednesday February 13, 2019. Derek Ruttan/The London Free Press/Postmedia Network

You can’t legally buy recreational pot at any store in London yet, but soon Ontarians will be able to spark up legal, made-in-London joints.

London-based cannabis grower Indiva has inked a deal to supply the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), the province’s pot wholesaler and monopoly online retailer, with pre-rolled spliffs.

But unlike those doobies passed around at parties and concerts, Indiva is taking a scientific approach to its joint-making process.

Not only are joints DNA-free – nobody licks the papers or handles them with bare hands – but there’s also no rolling involved in the making of each half-gram spliff.

“They’re vibrated,” Melissa Kurek, Indiva’s director of operations, said of the process.

Inside a windowless 27-square-metre room at Indiva’s Hargrieve Road headquarters, three workers collectively make 1,500 joints during an eight-hour shift.

Outfitted in white suits, hairnets, shoe-coverings and gloves, the employees look more like scientists than professional joint makers. They start by filling a large metal bowl with pre-ground cannabis, while 453 paper shells that come pre-rolled with a filter at one end and flared at the other, are placed filter down in a honey-comb-like metal tray with the flared end up.

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