I’m Registered to Grow Medical Cannabis. Can I also Buy It?

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I'm registered to grow medical cannabis. Can I also buy it? Plus, can I bring my medical cannabis outside of Canada? Herb answers your questions about legal consumption and growing, the law, etiquette — you name it, he'll look into it.

Dear Herb: I recently obtained an ACMPR licence to grow medical cannabis for personal use. Am I only allowed to grow my own cannabis, or can I go to a legal producer and buy some if I’m out of town, or more importantly out of the country?

I live at the border of Ontario and Michigan, which both allow recreational cannabis use, but obviously it’s illegal to move cannabis across the federal border, right?

It makes it hard for me to travel to other countries if I can’t bring my medicine with me, or obtain some while away. — Recent Medical Patient

Dear Patient: Thanks for sending in your questions.

Let’s start with the first one: In addition to growing your own cannabis, can you buy medical cannabis from a licensed producer?

The answer is yes. Your government registration to grow your own medical cannabis allows you to buy medical cannabis directly from licensed producers, at least until you successfully grow your crop. Health Canada calls this practice obtaining an “interim supply” of medical cannabis.

The relevant information from Health Canada is available here. In short, you can use your Health Canada registration certificate for personal cannabis production to sign up directly with a licensed producer that will sell you medical cannabis and send it to you by mail. (According to the regulator, registered personal growers such as yourself can only obtain interim supply from a single licensed producer at one time.)

The interim supply option is also meant to give registered personal growers a supply of medical cannabis if their crop fails. The same cannabis possession limit listed on your Health Canada registration to grow cannabis applies to any medical cannabis you’ve purchased as interim supply.

A licensed producer serving as your interim supplier of medical cannabis will never ship to an address that’s out of the country, but if you’re travelling within Canada, you can take your medical cannabis with you wherever you like.

That brings us to your second question: Can you legally bring medical cannabis with you when you travel to another country?

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