I Want to be a Master Cannabis Grower … What Will My Salary Be?

Article by Jared Lindzon, Globe and Mail

COMPENSATION I want to be a master cannabis grower ... what will my salary be? JARED LINDZON

Job: Master grower
The role: Responsible for overseeing the growth and cultivation of cannabis plants for licensed marijuana producers in Canada.
“They are really involved in the growing process, from seeding to cloning, transplanting, doing nutrient management, defoliation, pest management, and then following any standard operating procedures or growing protocols that are in place,” explained Alison McMahon, chief executive of Cannabis at Work, a Canadian cannabis industry staffing agency. “Typically they would have knowledge of different growing methods and growing mediums like soils and micronutrients.”
Cannabis production facilities typically follow a master production schedule that dictates what quantities of which strains are at what point in the production process. It is the master grower’s responsibility to produce that schedule and ensure timelines are being met. Depending on the size and license type held by the facility, master growers might also be responsible for overseeing and managing a team of growers.
“The master grower would really be moving throughout the facility, making sure that the grow team is on track for their duties,” said Ms. McMahon. “The master grower really has an eye an all of those functions, and is in that supervisory capacity to make sure all these different processes – pest control, nutrient management, client care, etc. – are happening so that the production schedule is on track.”
Salary: According to the 2018 Salary Survey conducted by Cannabis at Work, the median minimum salary of master growers in Canada is $60,000 annually, with a mid-career median of $77,500 per year. The most experienced growers earn a median of approximately $90,000 annually.
Education: As an industry that has operated in the black and grey markets for generations, many of the country’s master growers have no formal education in the field, although Ms. McMahon says standards are gradually being established.

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