‘I Feel Safer Working in a Cannabis Store Than I Did When I Was Serving in Restaurants’

Article by Growth Op, via Regina Leader-Post

ReviewsLifeLegalizationExpertsCommunities 'I feel safer working in a cannabis store than I did when I was serving in restaurants' Budtender Ryley Krznarich 'gets' people and seeks to demystify the cannabis experience for the modern consumer. Author of the article:The GrowthOp PHOTO BY RYLEY KRZNARICH This story is a part of The GrowthOp’s weekly series, Ask A Budtender.

A budtender at mīhī cannabis in Burlington, Ontario, Ryley Krznarich is passionate about helping customers make informed decisions. Between her background in hospitality and studies in psychology, she really ‘gets’ people and seeks to demystify the cannabis experience for the modern consumer.

Do you feel safe in the working environment, from both COVID and unruly customers?

I definitely feel safe. From the beginning of training to the present, mīhī has always gone above and beyond to make sure the staff is comfortable as well as our consumers. To be honest, I feel safer working in the cannabis industry than I did when I was serving in restaurants.

Is there anything about the job that surprised you or might surprise people who are unfamiliar with legal dispensaries?

People who are unfamiliar with legal dispensaries may be surprised to know that our consumers range over many different demographics and we are seeing new consumers every single day. I think that it is wonderful to have this option open for the public who are looking to not only live fully but better their everyday lives.

How does your family feel about what you do?

My family for the most part has been pretty open to my job. I was an avid cannabis consumer before I started at mīhī so I was able to speak to my family ahead of time and talk to them about the other benefits of cannabis. I think the stigma surrounding cannabis and propaganda that was pushed onto my parent’s generation in such an aggressive way is a major reason why there is still this mentality that it’s “the devil’s lettuce”.

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