High! Canada Reviews: Khronik Kreations

Article by Cy Williams, High! Canada

High! Canada Reviews: Khronik Kreations

Khronik Kreations continues to surprise and delight our High! Canada Magazine review team. They are highly sought after cannabis themed caterers and event planners Huge fans of full bud extraction so while their baked goods do have a cannabis smell and lavour to them, they are also some of the best you will ever try – Full bud is also my favourite type of edible and is usually best for those dealing with pain, anxiety and sleep issues. Our team has had the opportunity to sample a few specialty items off the Khronik Kreations menu and each and everyone was a winner. From the ‘practically’ world famous ‘infused cheesecake in a jar’ to some of the best Strawberry Shortcake ever to some of the most exquisitely prepared baked goods we have encountered – so full of aesthetic lair it seems overkill considering how very tasty and potent they can be.

If you are interested in trying their products or attending one of their events the best way to get in the know is through social media. Check them out on Instagram at www.instagram.com/kronikkreations

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