High! Canada: Marcus Bubbleman Richardson

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada

High! Canada: Marcus Bubbleman Richardson

Today, we get to sit down and chat with a true pioneer in our industry Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson. The “Bubbleman” has been a canna entrepreneur and a hemp activist since 1993, his fields of expertise span from industrial hemp cultivation to cannabis macro photography and advanced medical cannabis extraction methods.

How did you come across the Bubble Hash idea?

I had seen the Ice-o-lator bags from Amsterdam the year prior and wanted to become a distributor for the product after being busted at a roadblock with 16.5 lbs of cannabis and 6K in cash. This was for the BC Compassion Club and the result was no fine, no time and the judge ordered my money be given back. However, due to the amount i.e. over 3 kilos, they were unable to discharge me, and I ended up with a criminal record.

My wife asked if I could do something else, and I slowly made my way to Amsterdam to see if I could distribute for Ice-o-lator in Canada. That didn’t work out and when I came home my wife asked “Why can’t we make our own?” and the Bubblebag business was born.

Is that how you got the nickname “Bubbleman”?

Yes, because other bags had existed for just under a year. I didn’t want to jack any of their marketing, so I renamed my bags Bubblebags, and I renamed the final product Bubble Hash, and I figured it was a natural thing to rename me the Bubbleman!

! How did you get your start in the canna- industry?

Like most, I got my start by smoking cannabis at age 14. From there, as I became a teenager my friends and I became hemp activists, living in Manitoba, where the Prairies are. We saw hemp as something that could potentially save the farm. Approaching our Ministers of Finance and Agriculture back in 1994, we ended up getting a license to grow hemp by 1995, eventually getting the law changed to experimental to commercial, so farmers could profit off it. My partners ended up selling their company a few years ago for 130 Million i.e. Manitoba Harvests.

st. What is your favourite strain to consume or grow? I prefer narrow leaf drug cultivators, i.e. Sativa’s, anything with Haze, anything exotic, those are my preferred terpenes profiles.

As the Cannabis Industry is expanding beyond belief, what kind of ventures have you been up too?

Currently, I am swamped, working on signing a new deal in California with a great group who want to represent my brand to the fullest. I am also consulting for a few local LP’s in Canada, sitting on the Board and Consulting for a tissue culture company called Segra International. Who are part owners of a Research and Development company in Jamaica that recently registered over 33 products with the Minister of Health and partnered with Lasco, a large manufacturer and distributor for our CBD products.

I also sit on the Board, at United Cannabis, our partners in Jamaica, and am working with Sheia Robotics, on helping consult for a unit they are designing to help mark peak THC production in your crop. I am also constantly looking for new deals to help broker, as I have extensive knowledge in the cannabis sector, as well connections throughout.

Thanks for your time Bubbleman! Good luck on all your ventures.

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