Henry Rollins Wants Corporate Cannabis to Do Some Actual Good in the World

Article by Peter Nolan-Smith, Daily Hive

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Henry Rollins is a hard man to pin down.

The Washington, DC native was once the lanky frontman of the 90s US punk rock band Black Flag and a vocal member of the wave of straight-edge in punk rock. Since then he’s tried his hands at everything from acting and writing, to publishing and radio.

Now, he’s onto cannabis advocacy.

A regular critic of the ills of society around him, the famously-sober Rollins is using his influence and reach to advocate for a lot of different things in the emerging industry, but most of all, he wants those cashing in on legal green to find a way to do actual good in the world.

“The cannabis industry is the youngest industry that I know of in the world that has the biggest cash potential, or the potential for profit,” he said during an interview with Grow. “You can’t reinvent the bullet, you can’t reinvent the tank or the fighter plane and you can’t reinvent incarceration. Those industries are just humming right along. I think cannabis is where young minds are going and young money will be coming from.

“Maybe this is a type of capitalism that starts to influence people as we go forward through this century. That’s a little high minded, a little naive, and a little hopey-changy and tree huggy, but I don’t think I’m wrong.”

Rollins has taken a step away from music — his last studio album was released in 2010 according to Discogs, and even then it was spoken word — but has been making his way as a publisher and radio host, as well as following various other artistic pursuits.

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