Health Canada Leaves Medical Cannabis Patients Holding The Bag

Article by NOW Toronto

Health Canada leaves medical marijuana patients holding the bag Plus, working through our COVID obsessions, straight men having gay sex and Doug Ford's excuses for climate inaction in reader mail By NOW news

Re Health Canada Eyes Crackdown On Medpot Patients Who Grow Their Own (NOW Online, March 21).

This should not be an issue. Patients have the legal right to grow their own cannabis. If there have been issues with supply entering the illicit market then those people need to be held criminally responsible. However, Health Canada comparing usage recommended by doctors versus Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) data is incomprehensible to me.

Medical marijuana users, for one, cannot afford the prices of Licensed Producers and are using their medicine completely differently (i.e. making their own edibles, topicals, teas, bath bombs etc) which all take large amounts of cannabis.

If a patient cannot have access to their medicine – it already takes Health Canada eight months to authorize their grow license – where will this leave them? There is still the stigma surrounding cannabis. No, it is definitely not okay for any changes to be made to these regulations.

Bridget Watson-Favaro – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Medpot changes carry whiff of lobbyist manipulation

I don’t have much confidence in Health Canada’s objectivity when it comes to consumers’ health interests.

Health Canada allowed novelty-flavoured vaping products to be fully marketed without conclusive independent scientific proof that the products, as claimed by Big Tobacco, would not harm consumers.

To me, proposed changes to cannabis regulations for medical marijuana users smells of lobbyist manipulation.

Frank Sterle Jr. – From NOWTORONTO.COM

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