Government survey will allow Canadians to have say on cannabis reform

Written by Manisha Krishnan for Vice here.


Unless you think weed should be illegal until the age of 25, you might want to take the Government of Canada’s new survey.

Snappily titled “Toward the legalization, regulation and restriction of access to marijuana,” the questionnaire is about as exciting to fill out as the census—but, like the census, it’s actually pretty important. That’s because its findings will inform the marijuana legalization task force, which will advise the federal government on how weed should be regulated.

“Health protection—particularly for children and youth—demands that marijuana purchase and possession be subject to age restrictions. The science indicates that risks from marijuana usage are elevated until the brain fully matures (i.e., when someone reaches about age 25),” reads the discussion; it then asks Canadians what they think about having a minimum age for purchasing and possessing marijuana and whether that age should be consistent across the country or left up to the provinces (similar to booze).

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