Go Fund Me: Charter Challenge For Canadian Dispensaries

Article by Jerry Martin, AKA The King of Compassion

Go Fund Me: Charter Challenge For Dispensaries

As everyone knows I have been arrested and indited on 7 offenses resulting in the closure of Martin Medical Services MMS Corp.For over 4 years we have supported our local community and others in need around the world.

If things are too change for dispensaries and those that wish to access them then we must ban togther and fight the oppressers that do not want fair and free trade for dispensaries, their members and small scale growers.

I have retained Bert King to fight for our constitutional rights to access local dispensaries. This will unfortunately be a long and expensive battle with a minimum price tag of $50,000 just in legal fees.

I am asking anyone and everyone that believes dispensaries should exist to fund this campain generously and graciously.

Who am I? And why support this casue?

My name is Jerry Martin, AKA The King of Compassion and I have dedicated the last 4 years of my life to saving and bettering lives with cannbis as well donating over $150,000 of the profits back to the local community and others in need worldwide.

In order to make these changes in law and challenge a constituional matter one must first give up their freedoms and rights by being arrested in most cases to have the change to fight for those rights and laws to be changed in a court of law for all Canadians. These people are called activists, I am a cannabis law activist.

On Tues Nov 8th 2016 after 4 long years of being in business the Broadview police seized everything I personally own plus what the contents of the dispensary.

Please find it in your heart to help us fight them in a court of law too help all Canadians win back our freedom and rights too free and fair trade for cannabis dispensaries in Canada and those that choose to access them.

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