Glenn Price Talks Manitoba’s Legalization Plans, ‘Garbage’ LP Weed, & The Future of Your Medical Cannabis

Article by Mike Okada, Cannabis Life Network


Cannabis Life Network spoke to Glenn Price, the owner of Your Medical Cannabis, a medical dispensary, lounge, headshop, and educational centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba that was raided and closed back in 2015. He told us what he’s been up to since his court case, what he thinks of Manitoba’s new legalization plans, and how living in Vancouver inspired him to plead his case.

Cannabis Life Network: Could you tell us a little more about your court case and the charges you were facing?

Glenn Price: Actually, before I ended up in court, I was waiting for the government to send me my growing license and it took over 3 months!

So, after about a month and a half of waiting, I started growing, and when my license finally came, I moved to a different place, and that’s when the police came and I got charged with drug trafficking, proceeds of crime, and a few others.

But, because I had a proper license, they changed it to being a case of not being at the right house. So I ended up getting 2 years of probation, 75 hours of community service, a $6000 fine, and I cannot promote cannabis directly or indirectly.

Even when it becomes legal on July 1st, I can’t do anything in the cannabis business for 2 years!

How long have you been in BC?

I left Manitoba on June 9th, 2017, after I dealt with the charges, but when I got here, I found out that I had the right to appeal my case!

When you plead your case at City Hall, what are you going to say?

“How can they convict me for my dispensary when there are hundreds of shops here doing the exact same thing?”

I even have statements from the Winnipeg Police saying they believe I was only selling to medical cannabis patients because they tried to buy from me 5 times and they couldn’t. I wasn’t selling recreational to anybody- it was get signed up or I’m not selling to you.

I think there are 5 in Vancouver that are medical cannabis only, and all the others are recreational. So I don’t understand the logic in the government convicting me.

It’s really unfortunate because if they let me run my business, along with other people like me, we would’ve stomped out the black market already because they couldn’t compete with us selling for $3/gram. But that was for compassion pricing- I had stuff for $10/gram too because I had to pay rent.

How do you feel about Manitoba’s plans for cannabis?

Well, as soon as I heard that Manitoba was allowing mom-and-pop shops for cannabis I was ready to pack up and head back until I heard that you had to sell government LP (licensed producer) weed.

I will not sell that garbage.

One of Manitoba’s LP’s, Delta 9 Cannabis, only has 5-6 products and their best THC is 14-15%! When I got raided, they sent my stuff to Delta 9 to get tested and my shittiest stuff had 20% and the best I had was 28%- and now Manitoba is saying that cannabis from Delta 9 and others like them are the only cannabis that people can buy?

Who’s going to go to them? It’s just going to make the black market stronger than ever in Manitoba.

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