From Homegrown Medicinal to Marijuana Grow-Op: Thousands of Canadians Are Legally Allowed to Cultivate Their Own Medical Cannabis, But at What Point Does it Become Potentially Illegal?

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News

From homegrown medicinal to marijuana grow-op Thousands of Canadians are legally allowed to cultivate their own medical cannabis, but at what point does it become potentially illegal? By Marijuana plants grow at LifeLine Labs in Cottage Grove, a June 17, 2015 file photo. The Prince Edward Island government is going to allow up to four cannabis plants per home and consumption in designated areas. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP-Jim Mone

This past summer, a retired police officer and his wife started noticing a funny scent in the backyard of their home in the Maples neighbourhood of Winnipeg. Sometimes, they could smell it from their bedroom.

The house next door had been sold in 2017, but the man had never met the new neighbours. Now, he noticed security cameras hung from the eaves of the adjacent home.

“The blinds are always pulled,” he said. “Never see anybody around. I could hear a motor, or a fan, running in the basement.”

One day, the ex-cop saw a young man outside the house.

“I went over and said, ‘What’s going on around here?’ He says, ‘What do you mean?'”

The retiree told his new neighbour he could smell marijuana coming from the house.

“And he smiled, and he says, ‘Oh, I’m growing some medicine for my mother,'” he recalled. “He said he had a prescription, that’s the word he used.

“I said, ‘That’s bulls—-.'”

His suspicions confirmed, the retiree called former colleagues at the Winnipeg Police Service.

“They came out, checked around the house. They could smell it as well… They went back, and the next day I get a phone call from District 3 saying the guy has a medical marijuana licence for up to 292 plants,” he said.

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