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For the past 6 months, the “Cannabis Culture 5” have been living under some pretty harsh bail conditions. These conditions came about as a result of the Project Gator raids that took place in Toronto & British Columbia, targeting Cannabis Culture. To be released on bail, Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin, and Britney Guerra had to agree to some strict bail conditions.

The majority of the conditions are the same, with few exception, no communication between individuals accused, can’t work for/profit from Cannabis Culture, no aiding or abetting dispensaries, no possession/consumption/sales of illegal drugs, and no travel outside of Ontario. (except for Jodie & Britney being allowed in BC with 72 hours notice) These were just the starting bail conditions with the ability to adjust them later on. Find the specific bail conditions here.

Luckily this past week, the accused were able to make some progress adjusting their bail conditions, with them being finalized today! All of the previous bail conditions remain the same unless specifically noted.

All individuals accused are now able to travel within Canada at their own free will, without needing to provide notice. Notice is still required when traveling outside of the country, but now international travel is an option. The Emery’s, Goodwin’s, and Guerra are also able to work for Cannabis Culture, as long as it’s not a part of a dispensary. This includes them being allowed to be on Pot TV, Cannabis Culture’s YouTube channel. Prior to this bail variation hearing, it was unclear if the five were allowed to advocate for dispensaries to the media, as it could have been seen as aiding dispensaries. They are now free to speak to the media and express their opinions on dispensaries.

These are good changes to their bail conditions to help make their lives more normal, but far from where it should be. The individuals still needed to go into court to have a judge look over their case and schedule the next hearing. This got quite interesting, compared to the regular boring procedure.

The judge asked for the individuals to introduce themselves, and the judge quickly said he would have to recuse himself from the case, as he knows Marc Emery and his sister from London, ON. The judge also went on to add that he’s (Marc) got a good book store out there and asked how his sister was.

This was really interested to see, as the judge seemed to be in a bad mood but quickly had a smile on his face as he met Marc Emery again. As for the next hearing, (October 3rd) it’s a private meeting with the accused, lawyer, and crown to hopefully come to a resolution. will be in attendance and will report on the details as soon as they are known.

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