Ford’s Pot Flip Flop Part of Internal PC Party Power Struggle

Article by James Di Fiore, The Post Millennial

AnalysisOntario 2018 ElectionCanadian NewsOntario NewsOpinionPolitics Ford’s Pot Flip Flop Part of Internal PC Party Power Struggle By James Di Fiore

There are very few items conservatives in Ontario dislike more than Kathleen Wynne. Trust me on this, if you ask 100 die-hard conservatives if they have a pleasant view of our Premier, two might come back with something other than unadulterated vitriol, and one of those individuals probably misheard the question.

Conservatives tend to view Wynne as the wretched symbol of another item they do not like – a nanny state philosophy within government institutions. Conservatives become helplessly enraged whenever the government takes over an industry or injects a government revenue tool inside an otherwise independent market.

It is a basic litmus test among grassroots conservatives – leave the free market alone.

Except, evidently, when it comes to marijuana.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party have become quiet pom-pom waivers for the government-run distribution system proposed by Premier Wynne. On the pot file, the PCs are full-on, unabashed, nanny state boosters. Just don’t tell anyone, k?

Before Doug Ford won the leadership race I was on the fence about whether the tale of him slinging hash in high school was true, partly because I never put a lot of stock into rumours that are decades old, but mostly because I think it is unfair to attempt to resurrect sins from the past for political gain.

But I’m now leaning towards absolving him from this media-driven rumour, because it’s starting to look like he has never truly examined how weed can be a viable business. Also, instead of being the new leader of the PC Party, Ford might be party leader in title only, quietly obeying the true concentration of power embedded within the conservative caucus, a caucus seemingly at the mercy of its religious base.

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