Expansion Roundup: How Canada’s LPs Keep Growing

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Expansion roundup: How Canada’s LPs keep growing A breakdown of all LP expansion plans currently underway

Canada’s legal medical marijuana regime is growing at an unrivalled pace. As patient numbers continue to grow, licensed producers are eagerly expanding production capacities. It also doesn’t hurt that recreational cannabis is just around the corner in Canada. To keep tabs with all the grand plans hatched by LPs, Lift has decided to compile an expansion roundup that highlights all known production capacity expansion plans for licensed producers that are currently shipping medical cannabis to patients.


The relatively new entrant also has a relatively small production capacity. Their 14,500 sq ft facility in Napanee, Ontario has an annual production capacity of 1,000 kilograms. The company is quick to point out that their yield of 257 grams per square foot easily surpasses the industry standard of 130, and with a new planned production facility this number may grow.

The company owns a 65 acre property, where they are building a 71,000 square foot facility with an annual production capacity of 20,000 kilograms. Eventually, the company hopes to build out a 150,000 square foot facility that would net an annual production capacity of 40,000 kilograms.


This licensed producer, considered one of the three largest LPs currently on the market, prides itself on a low production cost per gram. They just completed their Phase II expansion, which turns the existing production capacity of 2,500 kilograms of dried cannabis annually up to 8,000 kilograms. With Phase II complete, there is 101,000 square feet of cumulative growing space. The company hopes to build out 200,000 more square feet in their September 2017 Part III expansion, which would see their total production capacity jump to 22,000. Finally, the company’s Part IV expansion, to be completed in July 2018, will see a total greenhouse growing space of over a million square feet and a cumulative production capacity of  75,000 kilograms annually.


Taking into account their expansion plans, Aurora is one of the largest licensed producers when it comes to canopy size. Their current purpose-built facility covers 55,200 sq ft, enabling an annual production capacity of 6,000kg and a potential patient base of over 15,000. The company has a massive 7.7 million sq ft of land available for expansion, and is planning the “world’s largest and most advanced cannabis facility.” That new facility is close to a major Alberta airport, and when it is completed in late 2017 it will have 800,000 square feet and support a 100,000 kilogram annual production capacity. Can you say wow?!

Broken Coast

Public details are sparse, but word from Broken Coast is that the small batch, BC-based LP has just finished building expanded facilities and is just beginning to harvest the first crop of the new facility. This has allowed the company to open up registrations, which had been replaced with a waitlist for a significant period of time. It looks like demand for Broken Coast has been too much for the team to handle, as registration times are taking up to 5 business days.

Canopy (Mettrum, Tweed, Bedrocan)

Canopy Growth is having a blockbuster year, having acquired both Mettrum and LP applicant Vert Green. While their Tweed facility is maxed out in its production capacity, the company is expanding in more than one way. New snoop strains should be on the way soon, and the company is also suggesting that there could be an expansion of the brick and mortar. The company has also revealed that there is additional capacity at Tweed Farms—about 14 acres that could be built upon sometime in the future.


The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based licensed producer has a 97,000 sq ft production faciity that supports the production of 7,000 kg of dried cannabis, and the site boasts five separate Level 7 compliant vaults. The company is also planning a new facility in White Pine, Michigan, although it is unclear how these plans would fit in with the ACMPR in Canada. The company does plan to release gel caps by the middle of 2017, which may mean an additional facility build is on the horizon.

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