EDIBLES REVIEW: Canna Chocolatier Cookies & Cream

Article by Gideon Bentata, Skunk/Dankr.ca

EDIBLES REVIEW: Canna Chocolatier Cookies & CreamGideon Bentata ByGideon BentataPosted on September 27, 2017

ANYONE FREQUENTING the Toronto cannabis pop-up markets is sure to have come across the Canna Chocolatier or at least some of his tasty chocolates. Noticing more and more social media posts popping up in various accounts admiring his work, I wouldn’t be surprised if you already saw his chocolate online in your feed.

I first came across the Canna Chocolatier through Instagram when his tie-dye chocolate pyramids caught my eye. So beautiful in fact, I didn’t think they were edible! Anyone looking through his Instagram account @thecannachocolatier will quickly become mesmerized and start drooling at not only how tasty his products look, but at how pretty and elegantly they are all crafted.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting the chocolatier master himself at one of the Planet Paradise Farmers’ Markets where he was kind enough to let me sample his milk chocolate pyramids. You can say I’ve been a fan of the man ever since.  

This time, I was lucky enough to try his Cookies & Cream chocolates. Loving Oreos and his work as much as I do, I was excited to say the least! Handmade and infused with THC distillate, the Canna Chocolatier makes his chocolates in several molds. These were smooth, creamy coloured domes, speckled with oreo cookie crumbs.  Just from looking at the pieces you can see it’s clearly made by someone experienced and aesthetically can easily rival other high quality chocolates like Lindt or Laura Secord. 

I took a delicate bite. The creamy white chocolate instantly began melting in my mouth. The syrupy ganache inside oozed out of the centre of other half, as if screaming for me to take the next bite. This was way better than any other ordinary cookies and cream chocolates I have eaten before. 

Being infused with distillate rather than cannabutter or oil ensures that the cannabis extract doesn’t interfere with the flavour. With 50mg of THC distillate infused individually in every piece, and two pieces per box, it makes it easy for any novice cannabis user to have just one, or try for a second if their tolerance is higher. 

As I ate the other half of the piece, any thoughts of saving the other piece had gone out the window. It tasted just too good and that gooey centre just made it that much better.  As a seasoned edible-eater my tolerance is quite high, but after around an hour or so I could definitely feel the two pieces taking effect. My mood had improved, and I was quite calm and relaxed… mellow you could say. The next few hours went by like a breeze, maybe because I didn’t get much done after those chocolates!

Hats off to the chocolatier!

If you want to find out more information on the Canna Chocolatier, follow him on Instagram @thecannachocolatier or email thecannachocolatier@gmail.com.

Written by Gideon Bentata  – http://cannabis.gideonbentata.com

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