Don’t Legalize Pot Before Figuring Out How to Deal With Stoned Drivers: Poll

Article by Global News

Over 80 per cent of Canadians think that it would be a mistake to legalize marijuana before we have a reliable system for testing stoned drivers, a poll shows.

Driving while impaired by a drug is just as illegal as driving drunk, but testing drivers for cannabis is more challenging than testing them for alcohol. As well, there’s no consensus about where a bloodstream limit for THC should be set for drivers.

“Until Canadians are convinced that the legalization of marijuana isn’t going to make our roads less safe, we should just put the brakes on legalizing marijuana until we’ve got this figured out,” said Sean Simpson, vice-president of Ipsos Public Affairs, summarizing the poll’s findings.

In a report made public earlier this month, a federal panel studying legalization said that science doesn’t yet support having a legal limit for marijuana consumption, as we do for alcohol.

A Forum poll published last fall showed that about 60 per cent of Canadians were in favour of legalizing marijuana.

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