Dear Herb: What Are The Penalties For Possessing Illicit Cannabis?

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Dear Herb: What are the penalties for possessing illicit cannabis? Is it worth the risk of ordering marijuana from an unlicensed mail-order dispensary? Herb answers your questions about legal consumption and growing, the law, etiquette — you name it, he'll look into it.

Dear Herb: I read that it’s illegal to order cannabis or cannabis edibles from another province through Canada Post.

If I choose to break the law and decide to order through the mail, what could the penalty be if I’m caught? — Outlaw in Waiting

Dear Outlaw: Thanks for your question. If you choose to break the law, it’s only reasonable to know what you’re risking.

It’s illegal to buy cannabis edibles right now, since commercially produced edibles are currently a form of unregulated, illicit cannabis. Those products should be legal to buy sometime in 2019, after the federal government enacts a new suite of regulations. (You can, however, legally make your own edibles at home right now, as long as you’re not using any kind of organic solvent.)

And even though it’s legal to order cannabis by mail from a provincially licensed retailer, those stores don’t ship to customers in other provinces.

Therefore, the only way to order mail-order cannabis, or edibles, from another province right now is to buy illegally from an unlicensed, online mail-order dispensary. (Weed industry folks refer to these as MOMs, for “mail-order marijuana”.)

These websites existed well before legalization, and they’re still around. Most of them appear to be based in B.C. Some of them purport to be legal.

Assuming you’re older than 18, the Cannabis Act makes it illegal to possess any amount of cannabis that you know is illicit cannabis. If you got caught, the Act lays out three possible penalties, depending on how the offence is prosecuted.

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