Dear Herb: I’m Younger than 18. Can I Work in a Head Shop?

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Dear Herb: I'm younger than 18. Can I work in a head shop? Youth employment is great, but maybe not in a store that sells cannabis accessories A store assistant reaches for a bong on a retail shelf at the Hotbox Cafe in Toronto on Saturday, January 20, 2018. Ontario is considering allowing licensed cannabis consumption lounges in the province once recreational marijuana is legalized this summer, and is asking the public to weigh in on the idea. Chris Young

Dear Herb: Can someone under the age of 18 work in a store that sells drug paraphernalia, but not weed itself? — Young Job Seeker

Dear Seeker: In order to answer this question, I consulted a few lawyers and a few people who work for head shops. The general consensus was that a well-run head shop probably won’t employ someone who’s younger than 18.

The Cannabis Act makes it explicitly illegal to sell a cannabis accessory to someone younger than 18. More importantly, it also makes it illegal for someone who sells a cannabis accessory “to display it… in a manner that may result in the cannabis accessory, package or label being seen by a young person.”

That prohibition on displaying cannabis accessories where a young person could see them would probably be enough to give any head shop-owner pause about employing a young person. If that young employee could see any cannabis accessories at all, the store owner could be in violation of federal law.

Cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd thinks that law is vague and hard to enforce.

“I think police have better things to do than track down 17-year-olds selling bongs,” he said, adding he thinks a strict reading of the law probably means a head shop could get in trouble by employing a young person.

“In short, if you’re a store owner and you’re asking me this question, better safe than sorry. I’ve never met a 17-year-old employee that was worth a potential $35,000 piece of litigation.”

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