Dear Herb: How Many CBD Cannabis Plants Can I Legally Grow?

Article by The Leaf News

Dear Herb: How many CBD cannabis plants can I legally grow? A cannabis plant is a cannabis plant, as far as the law is concerned #viceland #weed #420 #marijuana #cannabis

Dear Herb: How many pure CBD plants are we allowed to grow outdoors in Canada?

The plants have less than 0.5 per cent THC, so they’re actually not a “drug” strain of cannabis. — Peter

Dear Peter: The answer to your question is no more than four, unless you are licenced by the federal government to:

a) produce cannabis commercially

b) produce hemp commercially

c) grow cannabis for personal medical use

If you don’t fall into any of those categories — and you don’t live in Manitoba and Quebec, which have banned home cannabis cultivation — you can legally grow up to four cannabis plants at home, provided you follow all the relevant federal, provincial and local laws.

Even if the cannabis you would like to grow hypothetically contained no THC whatsoever, you could still only grow up to four of those plants under the federal Cannabis Act. That law is perfectly explicit: an adult Canadian without a special licence or authorization simply cannot cultivate more than four cannabis plants at any one time in their dwelling-house, no matter what.

As defined by the law, a cannabis plant is, quite simply, a plant that belongs to the genus Cannabis.‍

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