Dear Herb: How do I Mail Cannabis Without Breaking the Law? Follow These Simple Rules to Get Your Package of Weed From Point A to Point B

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Dear Herb: How do I mail cannabis without breaking the law? Follow these simple rules to get your package of weed from point A to point B PHIL HOSSACK / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS FILES Canada Post has specific guidelines for mailing cannabis, such as odour-proof packaging. Postie Cory Lussier places a parcel on a moving line of packages bound towards their christmas destinations Thursday evening in Winnipeg's Central Station....It's Canada Post's busiest day of the year. See Martin Cash story.....December 13, 2012 - (Phil Hossack / Winnipeg Free Press)

Dear Herb: I was trying to find a specific cannabis product for my mother who suffers with osteoporosis. We live in Nova Scotia, and the product was not available here.

I bought it online in Ontario and will have my sister who lives there pick it up and mail it to me via Canada Post. I just want to make sure this is legal. — Posting an Osteoporosis Treatment

Dear POT: There’s absolutely nothing illegal about adults mailing cannabis from one province to another via Canada Post, as long as the cannabis in question is a legal product and not illicit cannabis. In your situation, you’re guaranteed it’s legal if you bought it from the official Ontario Cannabis Store website, which is currently the only source of government-regulated recreational cannabis in Ontario.

It would be illegal to mail legally purchased cannabis if the package contained more than 30 grams, the public possession limit for cannabis. It’s illegal to possess more than 30 grams of cannabis in public without a valid medical authorization. (Again, if you bought this cannabis through the OCS and had it shipped to your sister in Ontario, the package shouldn’t contain more than 30 grams. Licensed cannabis retailers will never sell more than 30 grams of dried cannabis at once, or the legal equivalent in an oil or capsule form.)

That said, Canada Post has some special guidelines for mailing legal cannabis. It’s supposed to be sealed in “odour-proof, tamper-proof and leak-proof inner and outer packaging,” as well as “anonymous outer packaging without any marking or advertising that indicates what’s in the package.”

As it happens, I’ve recently noticed that Canada Post offices in my area are selling scent-blocking packages next to the cash register. Coincidence? I think not.

What could happen if your stinky weed package isn’t wrapped in a smell-proof mailer? Are posties sniffing at packages to see if they pass the smell test? I emailed Canada Post for some more information.

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