Critters In Legal Weed Have No ‘Ill Effects’, Used To Prevent Infestations: RedeCan

Article by CityNews

Critters in legal weed have no 'ill effects', used to prevent infestations: RedeCan

A licenced marijuana producer that recalled an entire strain of its weed after some Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) customers complained that it contained mould is now trying to ease fears after online reports that bugs were found in some of its buds.

RedeCan told CityNews on Friday that it uses a tiny predatory mite called persimilis to prevent crop-destroying spider mite infestations and that “on a microscopic level it is possible that this could be on our product.”

“We stand behind our product and our organic type of way of growing,” RedeCan President and Master grower Rick Redecop told CityNews during a tour of its Pelham Ont., facility on Friday.

“We know that this does not have any sort of ill effects. It is actually a safer product because we don’t use things like pesticides.”

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  1. So first Redecan refuses to admit the bugs exist, say people are mistaken and apparently stupid as well. Now they are claiming that smoking the exoskeletons of predator bugs is not a health risk?? Health Canada Ok with that statement – unbelievable!! Never in 40 years of using free market cannabis have I received ‘bugs on buds’. Mould means buds were not cured/dried properly before being put in those sterile containers. They rushed the process which you just cant do, because of the consumer need. I would not smoke the corporate crap these OCS LPee’s are producing. Too bad they have failed to embrace the culture and the knowledge instead of being paramount to its destruction. Overpriced warehouse weed – just NO!

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