A Country-By-Country Guide To Canada’s Cannabis Exports

Article by Harrison Jordan

A country-by-country guide to Canada’s cannabis exports The current status of Canada’s place in the international medical marijuana market

Canada has swiftly become one the ultimate exporting hub for companies across the globe to obtain medical marijuana products for use by patients in their respective countries. Health Canada has seemed to let their guard down since the last update posted on their website. The regulator explicitly states on its website that the organization does not “support facilitating a regime premised on servicing global demand,” but from the look of it, Canada appears to be becoming the next big exporter of medical cannabis. Since Lift’s last look at Canada’s cannabis exports, some new announcements have come to fruition. Let’s take at a country-by-country look at Canada’s cannabis exports.


Australia’s been a hot market for Canadian exports of cannabis. Tilray completed an export to the Land Down Under in 2016. The country has opted to prohibit unprocessed cannabis flowers, and it appears that Tilray developed some oil-based products not currently available in Canada. The “CBD Max” is a product that consists of around 98% CBD.  The other product is a called “Tilray 1:1” which contains an equal ratio of THC and CBD. In 2016 Aphria signed a deal to export cannabis to Australian medical life science company Medlab Clinical Limited. Canopy partnered with Australia’s AusCann Group Holdings in 2016, which will bring some of Canopy’s products and know-how to the country.


As previously noted on Lift, Bedrocan Canada exported products to Brazil in June of 2016. TIlray is doing something similar with the country’s medical marijuana producer Alef Biotechnology, enabling the company to sell Tilray drops to Brazilian patients.

Cayman Islands

Licensed producer Cannimed, through its subsidiary Cannimed Therapeutics, has established itself in the export game with their transaction with a company in the Cayman Islands to supply various CanniMed Oils, which would in turn be dispensed to authorization patients. This agreement was announced in May of this year, shortly after Cannimed’s Australia transaction. In total, some 12,960ml of oil was transported to the country.


Their February 2017 press release didn’t mention exactly what types of products would be exported to the country, but Chile is now one of the (multiple) countries that Tilray is exporting their Canadian medical cannabis products to. The company partnered with Alef Biotechnology  SpA, a company that is the exclusive distributor to Chilean and Brazilian patients.


With their export of capsule-based CBD/THC pills to Croatia, Tilray claims that it was the first transaction in which “medical cannabis products containing THC are being legally imported into the European Union from North America for commercial medical use.” The liquid capsules will be available with a THC:CBD ratio of roughly 1:1. Tilray says it took over a year to facilitate the export process.

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