Contamination Scandals Send Big Pot’s Moral Argument Up In Smoke

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An employee inspect medicinal marijuana plants inside the flowering room at Tweed INC., in Smith Falls, Ontario

For Canada’s “Big Pot” industry, it’s a shocking year-end fall from grace.

It’s tarnished an otherwise dazzling 2016 for Canada’s industrialized medical cannabis growers.

And what exquisitely cruel timing with two image-bruising developments in the last two business days of 2016.

For many shareholders in particular, it was analogous to a much-anticipated bottle of high-end champagne turning out to be flat on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what happened: it recently came to light that two federal government-approved ‘licensed producers (LPs) of medical marijuana have been caught by authorities selling tainted cannabis to medical patients.

This is a big deal.

Admittedly, nobody is suggesting that some nefarious corporate malfeasance has just been exposed. Hopefully, it just turns out to be instances of human error in both cases.

Nonetheless, it hurts the credibility of an industry that insists that it grows and sells the cleanest, safest, best-quality medicinal marijuana in the whole world.

It also undermines the argument that Canada’s many small medical pot dispensaries should be legislated out of business — all because their products aren’t grown under the watchful eye of Health Canada or even with its approval.

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