‘Constant Nausea’: Halifax Woman Suing Medical Marijuana Producer After Becoming Ill

Article by CBC News

'Constant nausea': Halifax woman suing medical marijuana producer after becoming ill. As Canada prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, medicinal users warn about unsafe cannabis. (CBC)

When the pain of Dawn Rae Downton’s inflammatory arthritis kept her up at night, her pain specialist suggested she try medical marijuana.

But for Downton, the cure ended up being worse than the disease.

Though the marijuana did help her sleep, she also soon developed severe nausea.

“I lost nearly all of 2016 to constant nausea around the clock, and a constant vomiting, or retching is probably a better way of putting it, since I had nothing in my stomach and by that time had lost a lot of weight,” Downton tells The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti.

“I was just that sick. I was helpless on the couch.”

It took eight months for Downton to figure out the link between the nausea and the marijuana. Cannabis can cause a condition known as cannabinoid hyperemesis, but the specialist treating Downton didn’t think this diagnosis fit her profile.

Then it turned out the medical marijuana Downton had been using, from a Moncton-based producer called Organigram, was subject to a recall, because it was found to contain prohibited pesticides.

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