Colourful Cannabis Strain Names Show Off the Plant’s Kaleidoscope of Cultivars

Article by Angela Stelmakowich, Growth Op

CULTURE Colourful cannabis strain names show off the plant's kaleidoscope of cultivars Strain names range across the full spectrum By Angela Stelmakowich Cannabis strains come equipped with names ranging from white to almost black scanrail / iStock / Getty Images Plus Photo: Merydolla / iStock / Getty Images Plus Expect the strain’s terpene profile to provide a bit of snap / Photo: Rawpixel / iStock / Getty Images Plus Green Crack is a grower, reaching maturity at seven to nine weeks / Photo: anyaberkut/ iStock / Getty Images Plus Blue Dream has got a direct link to Snoop Dogg and his dreamy strain / Photo: sakkmesterke / iStock / Getty Images Plus Granddaddy Purple’s aroma of grapes and berries is created by a complex terpene profile / Photo: bestdesigns / iStock / Getty Images Plus

There are so many types, or cultivars of cannabis — commonly referred to as strains — and an endless array of colourful names for each one.  Whether related to genetics, appearance or something other, some strains are even named after the colours of the rainbow, ranging from white to almost black.

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