Celebrating Those Who Break The Grass Ceiling

Article by Angela Stelmakowich, Growth Op

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What better way to celebrate women this International Women’s Day than to highlight some of the truly innovative ways female-led cannabis companies are pushing the envelope. And if that’s not enough, there’s also the patient-focused line recently launched at Shoppers and Jay-Z’s challenge to outdated U.S. weed laws.

Female-led Toronto company builds self-managed supply chain

Canada’s only female-led and privately owned medical cannabis company is looking to offer patients more control over quality, safety and security thanks to its new partnership with Green Island Growers Ltd.

“If you build it, they will come,” seems to have been part of the thinking for Toronto-based JMCC Group, which is constructing a state-of-the-art distribution centre on the Channel Island of Jersey, located between England and France.

The goal? JMCC has its sights set on better serving patients in the U.K. and business partners in the European Union, reports company chair and CEO Diane Scott.

Once the centre is up and running, expected in April, it will serve as the E.U./U.K. hub and close the loop on JMCC’s fully self-managed supply chain, according to the company, which offers Jamaican medical cannabis products and services to the world.

JMCC European Distribution Limited is a joint venture between JMCC (Canada) Corporation, which serves as majority owner, and medical cannabis producer Green Island Growers, founders of which are fourth-generation greenhouse farmers.

JMCC reports the pairing marks the first time a private Canadian medical cannabis company has owned “its entire plant-to-patient supply chain,” from propagation through cultivation of raw material supply, product development, manufacturing, packaging and global logistics and distribution.

Come April, the company expects to begin “supplying medicinal cannabis to patients registered in the U.K. Project TWENTY21 as the only Canadian company and exclusive supplier from the Caribbean region,” the statement notes. The U.K. registry study aims to sign up 20,000 patients to test the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis.

Montreal business shows women some love with bedroom-friendly products

HighOnLove has entered the THC space through its recent teaming with ROSE LifeScience Inc. to launch what is believed to be the “first female-focused line of cannabis products in Canada.”

Expected to be available for purchase sometime during the second quarter of 2021, the products will include topicals and dried cannabis products, notes a joint statement.

HighOnLove — a woman-owned brand of cannabis wellness and intimacy products — has already seen some encouraging results after introducing three products in Colorado: Stimulating Sensual Oil, Sensual Pre-rolls and Sensual Lip Balm. All lines are vegan, cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients, the company reports.

Touting ROSE LifeScience’s extensive knowledge and standing in the Quebec marketplace, HighOnLove’s founder and CEO Angela Mustone says everyone is excited to offer “a product geared towards the needs and desires of women in the cannabis space.”

Davide Zaffino, president and chief financial officer of ROSE, calls the products new and adventurous. “At ROSE, we believe in pushing boundaries and we know this joint venture will lead to more extraordinary products,” Zaffino adds.

Patients the focus of new cannabis line at Shoppers

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers is expanding medical marijuana offerings for patients with the addition of oils, topicals and flower from Mera Cannabis.

Mera’s Ellevia medical cannabis line is already available to patients registered through the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers marketplace as a result of a new supply agreement between the two companies.

The product line seeks to address some of the challenges patients currently face with regard to dosing, availability and price sensitivity, according to Mera. Formulated with daytime or evening use in mind, the company statement cites three oils: CBD Max, which has a 35:1 CBD/THC ratio; THC Light, featuring a 4:1 ratio; and THC Boost, which offers a 1:1 ratio. Also included is a topical muscle and joint cream with a 1:1 ratio.

“There are many variables that can improve the patient experience with some of the more common cannabis products found in the medical and recreational markets,” says Mera CEO Zubin Jasavala. “We know the team at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers will only strengthen our offering to patients, as a trusted household name in the industry,” Jasavala adds.

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