Canopy Growth Acquires Mettrum, As Big Cannabis Gets Gigantic

Article by Jon Hiltz,

Canopy Growth Acquires Mettrum, As Big Cannabis Gets Gigantic

Before it became “medical or adult-use cannabis” it was weed, an illegal plant grown in basements and sold in back alleys. Now, it’s a publicly traded commodity that’s expanding on a global scale.

One of the players that’s been growing almost faster than the industry is Canopy Growth Corporation, and yesterday, they received permission for a significant growth spurt.

Insider Financial reported that Canopy, who already owns various subsidiaries, just received court approval to acquire the other LP giant, Mettrum Health Corporation. With this acquisition, Canopy is arguably the largest producer of marijuana on the planet.

“The biggest licensed producers in Canada are all in a big lead when you look at it globally,” said Jordan Sinclair, Director of Communications for Canopy, in an interview with Sinclair added that there are many ways to measure the size and scope of a corporation, but there is little doubt that they are one of the largest.

This acquisition for Canopy will require them to tweak how Mettrum previously did business, and adjust them in order to conform with the needs of the new parent company. That practice is done every time Canopy acquires a new entity, as it’s certainly not their first time at the takeover table.

“When we acquired Tweed Farms, which was operating as Park Lane at the time, they didn’t yet have their license. So we went in and applied a bunch of know-how that we learned by getting our own license. For the Bedrocan Canada acquisition, it was a very unique arrangement in that Bedrocan has its own standardized operating procedures, so we didn’t change anything. For Mettrum, we will get in there and have a really good look at they way they are doing things. They grew a large customer base for a reason.”

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