Cannabis Producers, Retail Stores, Others Lobbying Alberta Government

Article by David Brown, Lift News

Cannabis producers, retail stores, others lobbying Alberta government Emblem, Aurora, 420 Clinic, and others seeking to discuss legalization and private retail with the provincial government

As provinces move towards establishing their own rules and regulations for legal cannabis, stakeholders are busy lobbying the government for their place in the future industry.

In Alberta, several companies are looking to discuss their thoughts with the government, especially the Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, the ministry responsible for legalization in the province.

Ontario-based Emblem Cannabis is advocating for a ‘private marijuana sector’ and interested in economic development opportunities as a potential licenced producer in the province.

Another company, Fire & Flower, with an address listed in Toronto, is also interested in advocating for a private model for marijuana retail for Alberta. Fire & Flower describe themselves as a developing corporation that is going through the rigorous process of marketing and brand development in the face of federal legislation.

An Alberta association, Construction Labour Relations (CLR) is lobbying the provincial government to get clarification on employers’ ability to use testing protocols as part of the solution to ensuring workplaces safety in the wake of legalization. CLR is an employers’ association representing construction companies in collective bargaining with the Building Trades Unions, collective agreement administration, labour law matters, and joint initiatives with other industry stakeholders.

A late stage LP applicant, Amber Canada Inc. says they plan to inform the Alberta Government of the merits of considering a socially-responsible cannabis retail model in partnership with the private sector, drawing on the company’s experience in healthcare, government, food and beverage, retail and franchising, finance, and bio-tech.

Another group is Legalize Private Retail, made up of 420 Clinic in Calgary, Aurora Cannabis, Liquor Stores N.A. in Edmonton and Smokers Corner in Calgary. The groups says they want to provide information to the Government of Alberta in support of a private retail model.

Cam Battley, the Executive Vice President of Aurora, says the aim of the group is to try and promote the idea that a private retail system will be better for the province and for consumers.

“We approach this from different complementary perspectives. We each have different strengths and different perspectives, but we’ve got a common vision, and that’s really particularly useful. You’ve got an education clinic, you’ve got a licenced producer, you’ve got a liquor department, a vape shop—we all have different perspectives and strengths we bring to the table.

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