Cannabis Advent Calendar Illustrates Emerging Problem With Advertising Restrictions

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Cannabis advent calendar illustrates emerging problem with advertising restrictions Free advertising is the best advertising

Two weeks ago while I was compiling the weekly newsletter for Lift News it struck me as strange that by far the most reported story of the week was that a BC dispensary was selling a cannabis advent calendar.

It struck me as strange for many reasons, the foremost being that it seemed odd that such a massive percentage of the Canadian newsmedia felt this was newsworthy material. If I had seen one or two stories from different outlets I wouldn’t have thought much, but I must have seen at least a dozen such stories in just that first week.

Boss Sauce @DonDeCosmos story of the week: national media conspires with BC dispensary to market illegal weed advent calendar to unsuspecting canadians.

It’s now two weeks later and it seems the story is still gaining momentum. There are stories about the stories now (including this one), many of them mentioning how all the previous media coverage has lead to record sales of the calendars; “they’re flying off the shelves!”

If the popularity of these stories is due to high demand from the readership, that’s all well and good, and I’m sure it is this way to a certain degree. But even so, this example is useful for illustrating a larger trend in the emerging cannabis industry… one that has it’s beginnings all the way back in the earliest days of the medical marijuana movement and stretches through to modern LPs and dispensaries alike.

The larger trend here is that because the regulations and stigmas around cannabis mean that traditional avenues of marketing and advertising are off limits, cannabis advocates and professionals have often turned to the news media for exposure.

For dispensaries and activists in the past, this has often meant holding rallies in high visibility places or publicly doing something illegal in the hope of getting arrested in front of TV cameras so that you make your mark on the 6 o’clock news.

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