Canadians Starting to Come Round to Legal Cannabis: Stats Canada

Article by Casey Taylor, Kitchener Today

HOME LOCAL NEWS Canadians starting to come round to legal cannabis: Stats Canada The Canadian Cannabis Survey 2020 finds nearly double the number of Canadians have purchased cannabis from a legal retailer this year compared to 2019 a day ago By: Casey Taylor

More and more, it seems Canadian cannabis consumers are turning to legal sources to re-up their supply.

The Canadian Cannabis Survey 2020 has found, of the number of Canadians who reported using cannabis in the past 12 months, 41 per cent say they had bought from a legal storefront. In 2019 that number sat at less than a quarter (24 per cent).

“What we’re seeing is actually really remarkable, more and more people are purchasing at least some of their cannabis from legal sources like retail storefronts or the Ontario Cannabis Store,” said Daniel Bear, a drug policy researcher at Humber College.

“At this point we’re about 70 per cent who have at least tried some from a legal source,” said Bear. “And many people, I believe about 40 per cent or so, are regularly buying most of their cannabis from a legal source.”

In fact, when you look at the frequency numbers from Statistics Canada, 53 per cent of Canadian cannabis users say they ‘mostly’ or ‘always’ buy from legal or licenses sources while 55 per cent say they ‘never’ use illegal, unlicensed sources.

Bear said he believes there are a few main factors in this shift.

“One is that the price of legal cannabis is dropping, and rather significantly at that,” said Bear. “And the other is that we’re seeing quality of cannabis begin to rise.”

Bear said early on in legalization, a lot of customers were complaining about the quality of legal cannabis and that it was too dry.

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